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JB's Nuts !



Hey JB sorry you can't get your nuts off.
When desperate there are ways though.
Both my ex UN Toys had been expertly maintained by gentlemen from
indeterminate third world counties seconded to Bosnia for a time to see
some funny white stuff fall out the sky in what is usually their high
summer. It appeared that they used the conventional bush spanner to remove
both drain and level plugs on axles and gearboxes too, notably a hammer
and chisel.
Of course its butchery, and us experts never do that do we? But needs must.
More importantly though, you don't need to go to Toy to get very expensive
and always out-of-stock replacements. They are replaced by hydraulic
engineer's blanking plugs - I think from memory they are 18mm isometric
fine. They will be cheap and plentiful from your local tractor dealer if
you don't have a hydraulic shop nearby. I bet they will let you take home a
selection and return whichever you don't use. Get some new hydraulic bonded
seals for them too (also known as 'Dowty washers')
Its worth a try, but before using the chisel, also try and use a 6 sided
socket to remove them, not a bi-hex. You can put the socket on a breaker
bar, put it on the drain plug, then put your Toy jack underneath so it
just puts a few mill lift on the car via the head of the breaker bar. Then
turn it first by biffing the end of the bar with your palm to crack it. I
guarantee it will not slip off.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - with freed-off nuts !