JB's steering box



JB wrote...
I bought a steering box just last week that they said was reconditioned but
I got a bit suspisious when I saw rusty fluid coming out of it .
So I asked a few questions and it turns out to be just your normal breahers
steering box with no work done on it at all. I wonder what would have
happened if I didn't ask them about it.
Then later wrote...
I have been able to send the steering box I bought back to Frogs Island.
They have agreed to pay all the shipping charges to and from Ireland.
So well done to them and a big plus to find a company who are honest in
their dealings.
And finally wrote...
Should I get it reconditioned while im at it and then be sure its Ok.????
I ask this cause I will have to get my parts fitter guy to take mine out and
fit this one and he tells me he wants the cruiser for the day.
I am confused here JB (but that is not difficult to do). You asked
for a recon part, they said they had one, you got it and found it
wasn't, they admitted is wasn't, you now send it back, you say 'a big
plus to find a company honest in their dealings'. Hmmmmmm
As for the point if your man should recondition the second 'new' one.
If you are paying him to take the leaky one out, why did you not do
that in the first place and put in a new seal kit and save yourself
the bother of buying a second-hand one that is still a used part and
a potential risk too? I must be missing something here aren't I ?
The cost of a day's labour is something you don't want to repeat too
often. Whilst the radiators are off, can I suggest you check out all
the hoses and belts down there whilst they are easy to get
at? Unfortunately as I don't have the same engine as you I can't
identify exactly which rubber bits need checking, others might.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus


Hey Jon
Thanks for your reply as always.
I know Frogs Island made a mistake and I would like to think of it as that
and im no worse off than before money wise, so no harm done.
They could have got uppy about paying the shipping then Id not be saying
any nice words about them at all.
But they Have taken it back which im happy about.
Ah Jon
If only life was that siimple and boring.
You forget I like to get the Yaris parts guy to do it because I cant get
another guy who I can trust??? wont rip me off and wont do a crap job.
He wont fit seals cause he's not sure how to do it.
I dont thing he too happy about taking the box out by the look on his face
when I asked.
I also like to have to spend hours and hours and hours finding parts which
are all in the UK of course and then trying to arrange buying them, shipping
them, getting assurances they are what they claim to be and in good
Then getting the suppliers of these parts to agree to take them back if its
not want I want or fails in its discription or use.
Also trying to get people to take things back can be a tad difficult when
your in another country and they can say well mate you bought it so you send
it back or keep it.
Shipping or postage can add up to a lot especially when you have nothing at
the end of the saga to look at.
Jon I agree when you say the risk of putting in the second hand part only to
find it leaks sometime down the road, and im back to square one again.
Well that would be my luck wouldn't it.
Thats why I try to find out things and get answers before I sneeze at this
cruiser sometimes.
Because a simply lapse of judgement on my part and it can cost a good bit of
money and id be worse of than before.
My man is never going to recon the box ever and I have not even looked
around too much at who could.
Simply because I have found its a waste of time and energy to do that, even
more than being on the net for hours looking.
I priced getting the turbo reconed a while back and was given prices of
between 600 and 1100 euro and there is only a couple of places that do that.
I could buy a NEW one of Marteen for less.
If I buy it ill will have to get the proposed steering box reconed in the UK
for ?200 before I even see it.
So I have to get the breaker to send it to the steering people then get them
to send it to me.
All this while sending the money to both and checking that one guy has
received the money then checking that he sent it on, than checking that it
arrived at the second guy than checking they are doing it then checking they
sent it to me.
So a lot of work to make sure I get what I want or need.
Your right I dont want to repeat a days labour charge for anything.
Geese me brakes were enough to keep me fuming for a while.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT


On Jun 11, 2006, at 10:48 AM, John Byrne wrote:
Hi John
I'm not a specialist but only will share some thoughts:
As I know from 1990 to 1994 models are the same-in 1995 came that 24
valves HDJ 80 with 2 airbags. So I have the feeling that the box
won't fit unless it is from HDJ80 94 mod. but sold in 95!
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