Just your average 260k km maintenance



Hi Reno
nr.5-how much you have to pay for that replacement of injectors?
nr.9-what's this 'Christmas tree' problem with other words?
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I just took my 1992 HDJ80 to my buddy's garage for a bit of lubing and nut spinning. Here's my list in hopes it will jog one of your brains:

1.. Replace BEBs
2.. Renew all fluids
- Purge auto trans and install synthetic ATF
3.. Inspect and replace as needed :
- all hoses
- water pump, radiateur and thermostat
- all belts and filters
4.. Replace Birfields with aftermarkets sup=E9rieur to Toyota
5.. Replace injecteurs
6.. Check brakes and adjust that stupid hand brake
(anybody have a tech note on that stupid hand brake to send me?)
7.. Junk OME shocks and install Bilsteins (5" lift kit)
8.. Find and fix play in steering
9.. Fix that cursed "Christmas tree" alternator problem
Ceferino Lamb
Euroricain 4x4 guy for Jesus
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Good luck with the overhaul.

Have you considered checking valve clearance also - good old Mr Haynes raves about it.

As for hoses - would be handy if you could purchase a complete set.

Re stearing - you should consider new steering damper - John was raving about improvements when replaced his.



PS - does the 5" lift kit come with a ladder...



Savage overhaul !

Getting very similar list of work done myself. Will be interesting to compare notes later.

Out of interest - did you get him to look @ the turbo or injector pump?


HDJ80 300K - 1995
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