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JV - settled in yet



Hi Chris,
Slowly settling in. Had hoped to do a lot more sorting in the workshops prior but I have been flat out with work so still some work rooms to sort out.
I have been having great fun with BT, logged over 9 hours to customer services trying to sort out two phone lines, they seem to keep on getting one sorted and then disconnect the other so they finally sorted the house phone this morning and then disconnected the workshop one - apparently somewhere along the line they decided that I only needed one phone! Fortunately ADSL was connected on Monday and still seems to be working so I have some contact with the outside world!
To make matters worse my mobile doesn't work here except at the end of the garden so desperately looking for some sort of repeater system to get that working - the call diverts at the moment are costing me a bomb.
On the positive side of things I have managed get some work phone numbers sorted via VOIP that BT can't touch, so the best number to get me on is 0845 508 6863.
I could rant for hours about BT's incompetence, but I'll leave it for now :)
Email: [Email address removed]
Tel:=A0+44 (0)845 508 6863