Karl Webster


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Apr 17, 2013
Thankyou Andy.
As said I do things how I do. Wether I continue to do it,well we shall see.

Either way my phones always on and always will be to cruiser nuts and I'll always get people out of the brown stuff. Most of my help is through advice though. If I could charge for that id be minted. As you all know though the money doesn't mean anything to me. I spend hours on the phone to customers for free. As for pushing.... That just isn't me.

Thanks again :)
Hi Karl,
Could you please contact me on [email protected]


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I am in romania
May 23, 2012
Comarnic, Romania
OK, another song of praise for our very own Karl.

He put together a box of bits that Nick kindly ferried out to me (along with the Galaxy and Minstrells) and now I have a full set of internal grab handles (including those that Mr T thinks you can do without, namely the difference between LHD & RHD) and (short drum-roll) a working fuel gauge, for the first time in 18 months!

I was surprised to find that the sender unit he sent to me had a larger diameter fuel scavenger pipe than the old one. No worries, I stretched my flexi fuel line onto it ok, so all is well. Shows full on a full tank and 3/4 on 3/4 tank, so it's looking promising.

Thanks Karl. As usual, you come up with the goods at the right price, and no fuss.

Much appreciated mate :thumbup:
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