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Landcruiser 100 turbo diesel in limp mode


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Mar 16, 2023
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I need an opinion fellows, my hdj100r lakes power when driving(goes to limp mode when engaging the transmission for driving). When stationary the engine performs to perfect and reves to high rpm. 3 Fault codes come back (pics attached), and wouldn't clear. The 3 sensors associated with the fault codes I did replace. Still fault codes wouldn't clear and the problem persists. All the fault codes are related to the air intake pressure and temp. I suspected the turbo, so I cleaned the hoses associated with it and the air cooler and checked the airflow of the turbo, it seems consistent with the rpm with no apparent fault. I also cleaned all the vacuum lines connected to the air intake.
Other fault codes come up after I cleaned the turbo loop system. They only come up when I over rev the engine while stationary, but they do clear after.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
I have a question, if the turbo waste gate is stuck, would it cause these symptoms!
All opinions are highly appreciated.


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That P0100 looks like an open circuit - you've changed the sensor but did you test the wiring to the sensor?
I had a 100 series with the same problem with accelerator positions sensor fault code
now I have 100% Fix
There is a small switch on the accelerator unit that is activated when you remove your foot.
I cleaned the switch and put a tint screw on the top of the plunger (this allowed the plunger to move in 2mm further to activate properly) my problem fixed.
Agree that the first check should be the idle switch on the accelerator pedal. Quite common fault.