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Landcruiser 200 series Centre console cup holder lid removal.


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Jan 8, 2022
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Looking for help. Put a set of car keys in the centre console cup holder directly behind the gear stick. A key lodged itself in behind the self opening lid. After much difficulty we managed to dislodge the keys but have lost a Toyota hilux electronic key under the lid where it sits when open. We now have the lid fully opened. Is there anyway of removing the lid itself to be able to retrieve the key inside?
200 owners are reasonably few and far between on this forum. You might be better on the 200 series facebook page or IH8MUD
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I got Haynes autofix manual for 200 n looked but how to remove centre console is not there. IHMUD or on you tube the closest I found was on project 200 videos. One video of installing torque converter kit he explained how to remove centre console.
Random idea is to try using lab foreceps to pick the key from the gap
Hi, with the lid open as per your photo, grasp the lid between thumb and forefinger (both hands is easier) and pull lid directly up towards the roof, the complete cupholder assembly will pull out. This is a 1 spanner job!
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Brett is correct on my 2013 lc200. Open, pull the lid, you will feel the lid side release a little, tug and the whole thing just popped out.
I expect he's done it after 2 years, although he didn't come back !
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