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Dec 7, 2021
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Hi Legends,
Im looking to get a dual wheel carrier for my LC78 Troopy,
Seems GobiX (Sought African) and Kaymar(Australian), are the ones most people have also good review on them,
(The main issue with both is they dont have integrated step for entering to the wagon)

What other good brands existed by your experience? what to avoid?
I need something reliable for overlanding around the planet, not something suddenly fail in a remote country,
Thanks for any advise.

I have a GobiX on my Troopy been on since 2011 and after 10 years it as some flaking powder coat, it has had no issues with anything else. The best thing it does use the standard rear Toyota light clusters
I made my own step to go in the receiver hitch works just great
Great Thanks David for the reply, Hope I can import it to NZ with reasonable freight price,
How did you get it in UK?
My truck was built in ZA in 2011
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