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LC 100 fog light wiring


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May 20, 2023
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Hi I just purchased a 1999 LC 100, 239k miles. The previous owner disconnected the oem fog lights in place of LED fogs mounted on top of the front bumper. They no longer work, he was using them for a plow. He also removed the original fog light switch that is next to the differential lock switch and quarter window switches. There is no wiring from the oem fogs to the connection in the engine bay, and no wiring from there to inside to cabin to where the switch should be. I wanted to know if anyone knows where I should begin in hooking the original fog lights back in as well as the switch. Any part numbers or knowledge would help a lot. I searched online and can not find any forums or part numbers. Thanks in advance.
Try partsouq enter the relevant info then you will see parts diagrams.
Has the previous owner completely remove the OEM cabling. This would have been a pain to do so unlikely. Have you removed the dash parts to expose behind to see whats left. It sounds a little OTT to fit some extra lights removing the OEM stuff.
No the OEM cabling is not completely removed. I will try that website out thank you! I will check what's behind the dash as well. Also, do you know where I can get a decent deal on rocker panels?

Update: no luck on partsouq for fog light wiring.
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You won't find the wiring diagram, you asked for a parts catalogue partsouq should be able to give you the numbers for the switches.
Wiring diagrams, I have these. If you send me your email address I will send it to you as part of the FSM.