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LC 100VX Telescopic Column Shaft Problems


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Mar 22, 2021
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Good Day All.

I am new to this group, not sure if this has been asked before, I could not find anything.

My LC 100 VX 1999 is currently at a workshop.....and they are having troubles. They replaced the Steering Yolk/Bracket, and the ignition/steering lock. But by doing this, they removed the steering column. Now it seems they are having troubles assembling the whole thing again. When you use the electric motor to pull the steering shaft out/forward, the steering wheel bracket/yolk disconnect from the shaft(It disconnects on small yolk steering wheel side there where that plastic universal joint is. See Photo, That steering bracket has now been replaced, that broke, so that is not the problem.....only showing the yolk part that pulls out,) . The column comes forward on which the steering wheel bracket connects, but the shaft stays behind(Which i think i really dangerous, driving around, turning the steering, but wheels don't move). I took it in to be changed, because i am not that good with these things, only to find out this workshop is neither. The workshop just want to disconnect the electric motors, so it stays in one position. But i insist that they fix it. Any idea/help on what these guys are doing wrong? Did they forgot to put a locking pin or something in somewhere....I hope i used the correct terms, like i said before, i am not a mechanic and don't know all the correct terms, Hope this made somehow sense???


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