LC keeps going on and on ...



Hi all,
Just to let you now that my LC has passed the MOT test today. Well,
nothing really to write home about, except that, as some of you may
remember, it was made work really hard earlier this year - 7500km
across North Africa, of which over 3000km on and off piste. After
that, it was a few thousand easy miles across the the Continent and in
the UK.
Upon returning home the only maintenance I did was changing engine
oil. As there was nothing that required my attention then and now, it
just went to a MOT station 'as is' and passed at the first attempt.
Now, that's what I call 'low maintenance motoring'. Try doing that in
another 15 year old 4x4!
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)


Hi Roman
now you really make me happy :)))))))))))))))))))))))
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