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LC trading genius


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May 27, 2023
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Just to let people know how savvy I am with Cruisers I had two fj40s and an fj60 for several decades. I got too old and stupid to wrench on them anymore, so I sold them just before the price explosion. Then I paid more than list for a used 2021. Now I want to gripe about it.
1. I hit my head on the door sill for quite a while until I learned to do the Cruiser Crouch. An alternative is the Duck and Cover dive. That one has dire results if not executed perfectly. A few new scars for the Face of the Moon look of my bald head.
2. Gotta love the step for entry. To get out of the thing, I either do an old fart version of the splits, or beautifully clean the mud off it with the back side of my pant legs. Either way looks to an observer that the car has it in for me.
3. Who was the genius that decided that the interior light switch doesn't need to be illuminated? If I could see the thing I wouldn't need the light. It would be easier to use a flashlight, if the Cruiser had...
4. Any reasonable storage space besides the useless refrigerator. The top tray in the thing is great for storing, uh, exactly what?
5. It's a good thing that I ride up front, because my size 14 boots won't fit in the second row floor space.
6. I realize that my advanced age is the reason that I can't figure out the menu on the "entertainment" equipment, but, let's face it, not too many sixteen year old tech lovers are gonna buy this thing.
7. The wonderful coating on the paint is the perfect palette for my collection of Arizona pinstripes. My other cruisers just had the factory paint, which stood up to decades of abuse. Makes me wonder if the extra charge from the dealer for this was really worth it.
8. I can't believe it, but my 85 fj60 held the road on the interstate better than this thing. Alignment doesn't really help--it just makes right wanders just as likely as left. It was actually better behaved before I put new KO2s on it. Maybe it's just rarin to go offroad?
9. Not that anyone will read this far down, but whoever laid out the controls on this thing must have had X-Ray eyes. Ever tried to figure out how to get the thing into 4 low for the first time without digging through the manual? There's no way to read the symbols on most of the switches, at least for anybody old enough to afford the thing.
10. It's way too plush for anybody not my age.
11. Love it. Great car to drive, after a war.