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LC200 Alarm and Central Locking System malfunction

Fanie E

New Member
Mar 25, 2024
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Need some help with my 2021 Land Cruiser 200 GXR please

  • Vehicle was locked and stood stationary over night till next late afternoon. When I want to open the LC200, the remote(on Key) was not opening the vehicle.
  • Opened vehicle with key on drivers door handle (no alarm sounded), Central locking switch inside not responding - No action from C/L
  • Start the vehicle and drove 3 km. Still no responds from Key remote or central locking button inside. No alarm/hooters or flashers
  • Locked Vehicle with key on drivers door handle
  • Early next morning the single hooter in the engine compartment on the side went of (Start Hooting) by its self
  • When starting the engine, the hooting stopped for less that 10 seconds for a while, but then the intervals got shorter to 3 secs
  • The twin hooters (in front of Radiator, start hooting a second or two after the single hooter
  • Disconnect Batteries for 5 hours and the fault went away
  • No fault codes on Toyota computer
  • No fuses blown
  • No visible wire damage

Any help please ? Would like to find the fault before it re-occur...