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Leak Identification help please


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Jul 21, 2010
Whilst digging around in my rear, I have found that I seem to have a leak. If you drop the tail gate and remove the side moldings along with the drop down bit of plastic that covers the gap between the bottom tailgate section and the res of the car you have access to the rear most body mounting bolt head and what looks like a vent for the rear ac unit.

Its there that i have clean water pooling only when its raining. I want to try and work out where its coming from but with a silver car and water its not easy to see where the water is coming in from as it does not leave and marks on the body. Whats the best way to colour some water so i can pour it on the rear of the car with the tail gate closed and watch inside for the trail.
"Whilst digging around in my rear, I have found that I seem to have a leak."

Is this the right forum for this question?
I had a leak too in the same area . The bit where the jack goes was wet and eventually the carpet got wet too. It was the back side window sill seal had gone so I took the window out and resealed the sill and did the same on other side,job done!
I had a leak on mine and I bet all the 100's are the same as the rear bottom tailgate is not adjustable. If you stand facing the back you will notice that the right hand side of the bottom tailgate is away from the body and does not touch the seel. You have to remove the bolts which have shoulders on them Then turn these shoulders off in a lathe and then when you put them back in you can push the tailgate further in before final tightening. You can then adjust the top locator on the RHS bottom taigate so it closes firmly against the seel.

Be interesting if yours is the same.

Thanks for all the comments. I have just spent the last hour pouring coloured water from my watering can on the car and for the love of money cant see a leak. There was a little bit of water coming in from the side window at the top but after undoing the window and massaging the window rubber that seems to have stopped so assume its many years of not opening the window and letting the window rubber have some movement that was causing that.

Otherwise its as dry as a bone in the rear.

I will keep you posted and see how we go.
Try opening the top tailgate and with the bottom one closed see if you can see a gap between the bottom tailgate and the seel on the drivers side.

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Just as we'll it's an understanding forum Warren ,what with you digging around your rear and massaging rubber and all!! Lol
Frank I opened the top section and took the hose and poured water down the bottom tailgate section but its not leaking there at all. The water was pooling right in the corner below the level of the carpet in the well where the chassis mounting bolt head is so it has to be coming in from behind the rear pillar somewhere as that the only place that water can access the recess. I'll watch it the week but fingers crossed it was just an iffy window rubber.