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Leaking at fuel hand pump primer - pic


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May 28, 2014
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After doing a bit of fuel line work on my cruiser, when I was finished I went to pump the hand primer on top of the filter to prime it and I noticed a little bit of fuel leaking at the area in my attached pic.
Now, the cruiser started fine and is running fine so there doesn't seem to be air getting in or anything, is this normal to leak there or do I need a to put this on the future maintenance list. It mustn't be too bad if not affecting starting or running? ie: no air bleeding problems

Also, can someone tell me how I know if my version has the heater or no heater?
Genuine Toyota Fuel Filter Primer Head - Without Heater - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

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Not normal at all , maybe give it a squeeze with your oil filter pliers re-crushing the crimp ?

Can't really see enough of yours but it looks to me like without filter . Roughtrax sell both and the difference is very obvious so put them side by side on your screen to compare with what you got .
Good thinking, Roughtrax actually usually have very good actual pics. Mine doesn't have the heater.
There's only like £2 in the price difference, typical, when my part is the "basic" version the price difference is negligible, if I needed the heated one the non heated version would be 3 times cheaper. lol :)

I might try crimping like you suggest or else just bite the bullet! Can't complain if it's the original part I suppose. Glad I copped it before it causes air-issues.