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loaded weight



Hi Guys
I am curious what the loaded weight is of an 80 cruiser.
By that I mean what is the weight that you can carry, is it just in the
boot area or does it include all the persons aswell.
I know there is a max weight but why is it a max weight and when loading
does the weight effect more than the brakes and the suspension.
Does it put more strain on parts like the drive shafts/ wheels bearings etc
and by how much.
Does any one know what the max weight is to carry that would compress the
springs so you would not have any bounce at all.
Is the max weight carried including the weight on a roof rack.
If you have as i have a 2inch lift how does this effect the weight ratio
between the original springs and the OME springs.
If as does happen when the weight in the rear is increased and the front end
rises, is the steering effected or does the cruiser compensate in some way.
Is there a simple way to compensate for the top heavy/roll over feel if you
have a roof rack with a load on it, say something like for every 1kg on the
rack you need 3 kgs in the cruiser.
john 92hdj 80 1hdt
On 5/6/07, John Byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Are you thinking of starting a removal business?
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
I phoned Toyota about this when I got mine as the imports do not
have gross vehicle weight info. on. They told me that mine was 3060Kg.
Regards, Clive