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Log book records



Yes Julian. I keep a log of the cost of the parts - as I always have to buy
them before either fitting them myself or leaving the job for my
back-street Toy specialist who charges 50 quid a day labour.
I have just bought some genuine spares from the local comedians who call
themselves Toy dealers - but whom you know are not and they get spares via
2 other suppliers by the time they get to me. You might be interested in
the prices paid in hard earned local wonga.
Priced in UK pounds for your benefit - and including 20% tax
Cambelt - 32.42
Cambelt tensioner & roller assy - 76.10
Silencer (which I see is skinned with stainless steel now - 268.46
Tail pipe - 103.03
Exhaust sealing rings - 2.86 each
Rear brake cylinder seal kit for both wheels - 13.28
Now you know why I use Milners and Brum Motor Parts whenever I can !
(And no, if I get them to mail out here, they charge a fortune for the
service and then I get hit for duty etc. etc. So best to bring it in
luggage as and when, otherwise try and source locally).
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia


In my earlier post on log keeping and costs I forgot to mention oil changes.
Like my Pajero in UK I can easily do the job, but for the same price I let
Kwik Fit get their hands dirty when I am at home. Ditto in Sarajevo for the
80. I get the engine oil + filter + diesel filter all done for 90 quid.
And that includes 10 litres of Castrol TXT (9.5 litres used). More than
Kwik Fit would charge, but for me its a good deal, especially for synthetic
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia