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Long time Land Cruiser lover

Jaco Human

New Member
Apr 6, 2024
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Good day, all,
I am Jaco Human living in Centurion, South Africa. I bought my Land Cruiser in 1998. It was a secondhand 4.5 Petrol FZ75 with the clock now standing at only 259199 km. Many years of use are left. Just love the vehicle. I recently had to rebuild the gearbox, long story why. I did it all by myself, luckily it was not the first time taking the gearbox out by myself. Also fixed up all the small faults and cleaned the engine and chassis properly for the first time.
Been using the vehicle for off-road driving, and was for years a member of the Jeep Club, used it to go to Sodwana when I was doing scuba diving and later as a hunting vehicle when I took international clients to hunt. Nowadays I use it to go camping and for personal hunts. I love the outdoors and have a home-built off-road camping trailer.
I have a dual battery system, an extra 90-liter fuel tank, a 100-liter water tank, a removable sun panel to charge the batteries in the trailer, and a home-built drawer system.
I am a 68-year-old toppie:tearsofjoy:
Welcome Jaco :thumbup:

Sounds like you've had some great adventures in your Landcruiser already and know your way around the vehicle - which can be handy info for other members.

Wishing you many more happy miles on the trails with the FZ75! :icon-cool:
Welcome to the forum.
That sounds like a great cruiser put to good use. Good job on the gearbox - I suppose it's a manual then...
A pic or eight of the old girl would be welcome, both a nice portrait and of your adaptations, modifications and specific use.