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Looking for an 80 series



Hi Chris,
If you are after a 24valve auto it will be an import and won't have the 3rd row seats and also unlikely to have diff locks.
Assuming you cut all the mounts from the donor vehicle it is possible to retro fit the 3rd row seats.
As for the diff locks, it is possible to find imports with them although they are few and far between - usually sellers won't have a clue so you need to ask them if there is a rotary switch down and to the left of the steering wheel with RR and RR-FR on it.
Failing that you can fit after market lockers - budget around 1500 GBP to get some ARB air lockers installed with a decent compressor providing on board air.
Other than that you could go for a UK spec manual, the gearbox is a bit agricultural, but will most likely come with diff locks and the 3rd row seats as standard.
As usual the best place to look is Autotrader. If you need any help checking vehicles out around the country ask on the list we have a good spread of knowledgable members around to help.
Having said that I do know of a '97 manual GX that may be available in the next month or so, but am not sure of the price yet.
Julian Voelcker
07971 540362
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