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low sulphur fuel



I use my local Sainsburys city diesel which my car doesn't have any
problems with.
It is interesting, that whilst in Algeria and Libya the fuel I used was
their own; I don't know whether it was sulphur rich or not - by the
smell of it, it hardly smelled of sulphur at all, so I guess it was low
sulphur. Apparently it requires almost no processing as it is a very
light form of diesel - hence there are hardly any costs involved during
I'm aware of the geological substrata under the desert sands and I
guess this may have had something to do with it. Interestingly, even
though, in the grand scheme of things one might think both the Algerian
and Libyan oil fields are the same, they appear to be very different,
and the Libyan diesel is lighter in colour; I know this sounds a bit
silly, but my engine ran extremely well on the Libyan diesel, better
than it had done before, and a little less so on the Algerian diesel -
there is obviously a difference somewhere along the line, but I will say
I wish I could get the Algerian or the Libyan diesel in the UK! its
brilliant stuff! I mean, really!
Thanks for allowing me a couple of pennies worth of your time guys if
you get around to reading this email. I know its not that brilliant a
contribution, but hey! its better than all the negative ones I've been
sending recently.