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I have 100L usable in two tanks in a 'cage' under the truck where the spare
wheel was. So I have full (people/goods) capacity in the back (+ 3rd row
It is the same height as the spare wheel (going back awhile so I'd have 2 go
fine measurements 2 prove). I have a tow bar so that and the 'cage' takes
all the hits underneath (and got quite a few over the yrs).
Can't remember my Mpg and power but I'd guess 10-15% less power and mpg.
This is due to the LPG 'computer' that fools the Toyota ECU into thinkin
everything is still hunky-dory and still running petrol. Hence the o2/fuel
mixture etc. is "maintained" somewhat by the TOYO ecu (via its O2 sensors)
and hence u're not running the most efficent mix for running on LPG.
If u are going 2 run on LPG more exclusively then u can tailor the 'mixture'
so u get better performance on LPG and runs 'ok' on petrol.
If u were willing 2 give up petrol all togther and run exclusively on LPG
(as some Aussie's have done) then u can get increased power and mpg (more
than on petrol) but its an all or nothing. U can then even throw away the
petrol gas tank and put in more LPG capacity.
The only system that allows both and provides optimal mapping on both
systems (either petrol or lpg) is Uniden outa Aussieland but its expensive
and needs a 4x4 roller 2 set it up properly. I think if was GBP 1K (and that
was a few years back) but u'd get better mpg/power when on LPG.
If u want more info/pics etc. email me offlist and I can send info
When in IRL I had no issues finding LPG stations and several web sites that
can help.
If u can get your own LPG "supply" and pump u can substantially recoupe your
'investment' but at some risk.
Lal in Colorado 96 FZJ80 with 138K with some Scottish 'rust'
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Hi Neil
Another petrolhead! I was beginning to feel like a leper here!! ;-)
Very briefly as I'm up to my neck in work.
Performance: On LPG it is noticeably less powerful and "nippy" cf. running
on petrol. However, because there is such a surplus of available power
anyway it makes little real difference, you just have to depress the
throttle a little more.
Range: I have a nominal 90L LPG tank giving a real capacity of 72L (approx
15.5 gallons). I return between 10 and 15mpg depending on how hard I drive
and whether the A/C is on or off. So LPG range is between 150 and 232 miles
at about ?1.77 / gallon (ex VAT). The main problem is that LPG "fuel gauges"
are notoriously inaccurate so I always find myself wanting to fill up
between 100 and 150 miles purely because I get nervous about running out.
Biggest bugbear is losing half the boot for a ruddy great LPG tank!
I would go diesel next time for sure.