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Market research for LC80 parts

The old school

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Nov 20, 2018
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Hey Guys

I had an opportunity to get my hands on some brand new LC80 parts for a very reasonable price. Last week , I was in China, Guangzhou at a friend’s house. His father is working in a Toyota parts retail store and they had a lot of land cruiser 80 parts on clearance at the moment.o_Oo_O

It was a good chance to get some of the rare parts at a very reasonable price.

I thought that was very a good chance to buy some the parts as they might be out of the production line in a couple of years.

So here are some the of products that I have seen and the prices are in Chinese Yuan (CNY) so the conversion rate from Chinese Yuan to pounds is 8.5 to 1.

Whole set of bushing about 71 of them for 1700 (CNY)

Clutch set clutch (JDM) 1300 (CNY)

Mud flap (whole set of 4) 200 (CNY)

Universal joint front and back 130 each

Diff lock repair kit 360 (CNY)

Air compressor (JDM) 1470 (CNY)

Head light a pair for 480 (CNY),but I have seen some LED ones they are looking good. very good.

Salve cylinder 300 (CNY)

Wheel hubs. Brake master cylinder, hand brake parts. Drive shaft. Timing belt, radiators etc etc etc.


The list just keep going for one moment, I believed that there are enough parts to build a new car :flushed::flushed::flushed:.

I have bought the rubber band between the wheel fender and body just for 25 Chinese yuan.

So guys as I am not a car part seller but I do love my land cruiser.

I just like to know that if anyone would like to buy some of the parts then we together could deal with the shipping cost etc. generally more we buy the cheaper the shipping .

I am doing this for the passion of land cruiser and the joy of fixing your own truck.

Please do not think this is a joke. Please do contact me if you felt anything I might help out with. My phone number is 07544545769

Thank you for reading this thread .