Meeting Bosnia Jon - CHAT



JB I am delighted that you should want to know of my whereabouts - you
could have asked me off-list even !
Well I'm not dead yet and also reading the digest too !
I think I know where I live - most of the time. So to be precise my boat is
moored at -
N 51 47.113
W 000 36.796
elevation 128m
depth in water 69cm
5 ducks now eating the weed on the hull under the water line, called Dave
Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Titch.
Weather fine but cold and windy so the oil fired central heating is on.
Must go, time for the annual hot shower.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.
PS. Part 2 will follow with co-ordinates of my family home at Alfold.


Hey Jon
Nice to hear the charm where have you been for the last long time. I did
have your e-mail but I haven't now and I dont know how to get it unless you
send me a get well or cop on you dosy-------- e-mail, then I can reply to
you off list. Its just I will as you know be travelling through the UK end
of next month and then back in July again through the UK and I would like
to see some of your ugly mugs if possible even just for a long cup of
coffee. See the kids get bored aswell as the wife if I talk Cruiser, think
Cruiser and god forbid if I start to really get involved in what the list
has to say or what I want to do all I hear is snoring from them all. While
I was under the cruiser today at the spare wheel looking to see if the
bigger tyre would fit I as we all do just started to look around and guess
what the back exhaust pipe looks very dodgy , as in it has been welded I
presume at some stage just above the rear axle, probably to fit a new rear
box. But I was able to scrap off large bits of rust just with my finger
nail. So im guessing that maybe it will go just as I get to the middle of
the UK. Now I can buy a bandage just incase or I can get a more permanent
thing like a new bit or bits for the exhaust. Its just my luck or lack of
it. Ill have to look at the alternitives and see.
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland


Have another pint and count those ducks again.
Regards, Clive.
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