Meltdown and correct battery hold-downs



Cinch straps are the way to go I rekon....


I always used these on my trials machines, Range Rovers, Wranglers and
Suzukis. They worked and satisfied the scrutineers.
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Subject: Re: [ELCO] Meltdown and correct battery hold-downs
On my Rangie V8 (sorry for the bad language) with dual Optimas to power the
4800lb winch we used 3cm cinch straps to hold them down. Nylon webbing fear
not acid nor vibration, and provides some spring to adjust for shock l oads
and stretch over time. Every month or so I tug on the straps' little
chinese winches to make sure they are good-n-tight.
Ceferino Lamb
Euroricain 4x4 guy for Jesus
> Battery straps - I am confused here. There is nothing wrong with a steel
strap as long as it is fitted correctly and kept tight.
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