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Gearbox problems!
Landcruiser Prado 1997 (automatic 3L TD)
I recently had the gearbox and transfer box rebuilt due to horrid
clunks. Turned out to be a thrust washer that had disintegrated and
the chain in the transfer box had worn and stretched.
On reassembly it drove quite differently and I was getting strange
vibration on the change from first into second and second into third
- the greater the load the worse the vibration.
The valve chambers have now been stripped and reassembled but I'm
still getting vibration on some gear changes and sometimes a painful
clunk as the power feeds back in after a period of cruising (ie in
gear but with no throttle)
Other problem is that it is tricky to move hi / low and low / hi. I
could always do this smoothly in neutral before. Now I have to either
switch off the engine or move to the 'park' position. Is this correct?
Its now back in the workshop! I had hoped it would all be 'tight' and
smooth and not making clunks like those you get from a landrover
drive train!
Anyone got any hints on how to sort this out?
Tim Maw