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Messy oil change on HDJ80, mud tires, auto trans



Doing the oil change hot is a must. And best to flush as well. And as for
spill from the filter... Once the filter is removed the oil drains from the
sump much faster and if you don=B9t want to do that, undo the filler up top.
Don=B9t worry about slight spill from the filter. Oil is a great rust
(Just helped with an oil and gearbox oil change on an Abrams M1A2 tank...
You think we use a lot...
On 26/3/06 20:07, "Reno Lamb" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
>> >I have learned to drain the sump oil and go and have a cuppa for half an
>> hour, With a hot engine I have found that most of the oil drains out of the
>> filter, leaving only a small amount of clean up required.
> Hywel
> Good point Hywel. I usually do oil changes with oil hot but this one was with
> oil cool. Next time I'll do it with oil hot and a bundle of rags stuffed into
> the space under the filter. Oh but a remote filter kit would be sexier.
> Sure glad that I put a hot water faucet in the garage. I backed the 80 out
> and spent about 5 minutes rinsing out the spilled oil with 70=B0 water. That
> did the trick. I probably killed a fish somewhere downstream. Please don't
> tell.
> Regarding those mud tires, and slipping too much without them, there is NO
> SUBSTITUTE for good mud tires. I run BFG ATs on the 80 and they suck in mud,
> underwhelm in snow, and are just OK in rain. They're excellent when
> everything is dry, but then how often is everything dry here in yurrup? GET
> SOME MUD TIRES and bolt them on from Nov to Apr. 'Nuff said.
> Regarding Auto Trans vs Manual Trans discussions. This is like discussing
> what's the best oil or who's the top model with the hottest hooters or butt.
> Nobody can win the discussion. So let's just all agree to disagree. I been
> 4wheeling since I was 14 and swear by ATs, having done a lot of both. If your
> 4x4 goes downhill too fast with an AT, then you need lower gears in the TC or
> pumpkins. Some other guys swear by MTs. Godspeed to them. So be it. Peace
> on us all.
> Ceferino "Reno" Lamb
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Re: [ELCO] Messy oil change on HDJ80, mud tires, auto transHi Jeremy
Tell me what it takes to fill the engines and gear box in the Abrams 11.
I love tanks and the Abrams is nearly the best. As far as I know the best one in the world is made in Germany again.I bet I get more to the litre than that hunk of steel.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT Rep of Ireland
(Just helped with an oil and gearbox oil change on an Abrams M1A2 tank... You think we use a lot...