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Metric fine threads / towbar going spare / 54mm socket.



Hi Guys - thanks for the hints - now I know that they are called 'metric
fine' I should have an easier time finding some :)
The swaybar is officially a gonner thanks.
I'm also in the process of removing the stock towbar complete with the
mounting frame and whatnot. If anyone needs one and wants to swap mine
for some beer or technical aid with my clutch thrust bearing, then let
me know and I can bring it down to the meet.
Btw, I have one of those 54mm thin walled sockets from the US the Julian
mentioned (my brother in law is a pilot with American Airlines and
brought it over for me) - I can recommend them - they are excellent -
and also 1/2 inch drive, so you don't need the usual 3/4 inch adapter.
Cheers - Andy
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Paskins in Brierly Hill, Dudley, have a good stock of metric fine. Every
time I've needed a bolt they've had them. Have you checked to see how