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Midsummer Murders!



Morning All,
I don't know if any of you saw Midsummer Murders on Sunday. As well as the standard bodies everywhere, switches between seasons, etc, one of the background stories was of a bunch of off roaders green laning and using an off road site.
The off roaders were portrayed as a bunch of chippy arrogant shits from the city, pissing off everybody locally as well as talking about driving along bridleways - not exactly the best portrayal of the off road community and the PR departments of GLASS, CRAG, etc should be jumping on the BBC for this.
Even more shocking ;-) was one scene where an old Landy (series 1 or 2) was seen trying to tow a Red 80 series up a steep bank (god knows why when he could have just reversed back).
Anyway, the red 80 series in question was our very own Chas Spencer's!! Chas is doing a trip around Croatia at the moment so will have missed it, but hopefully someone will have videoed it for him.
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On 15/7/08 09:04, "Julian A.R. Voelcker" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Jump on the BBC by all means, but they're not responsible for 'Midsommer
Murders' - it's ITV.
They're probably working to the old adage - Never let the truth get in the
way of a good story.
PS Julian, will contact you soon - sorry about delay but a lot going on at
the moment.
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