Milner's tyres



JB and Dyfed, thanks.
JB your link did not print out - on my screen anyway - so no wiser.
I am aware of the other big suppliers in the market, but as I already want
some bits and pieces for both 80 & Pajero I wanted to save on shipping, and
anyway, would prefer to support Milner as they try hard to supply all that
we want.
I do not want remoulds on a 4WD, an older 2WD yes maybe, but not tyres that
have been subject to possible carcass damage as routine. My Pajero tyres
are road biased Avon TSE's and I would want to match those as that is a
vehicle that mostly travels on roads and not rough stuff. I would accept a
mild siped AT type tread but not an aggressive one. I want good grip at
speed on wet tarmac. I was attracted by the word 'cheap' ;o)
Otherwise National Tyres down the road have Avon TSE of my size in stock.
But Milner's prices quoted seemed extremely good value compared to NT's
at 180 quid plus incl. balance, valve and VAT for a pair.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.
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