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Mini video Cameras


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May 27, 2010
I need advice or the benefit of somebody’s experience. I am planning a trip for October, it’s European trip, I would like to record it all for my own use on a video type camera, a Go Pro maybe? Some hand held footage, some maybe from the vehicle, Has anyone here bought that type of camera and used it with success? I need a press and go type as TBH I’m not really any good with wizardry and help would be appreciated.
on another note I recently took part in a French event called “ Le Triangle Vert” run by the Hors Macadam Club of Calais, It’s a one day event on a Sunday with the ”Start” located a a town called Lumbres, just half an hour from Calais. We went on the Saturday afternoon, stayed a at a lovely hotel with a bunch of reprobates from “Oop north” whom I’ve known for a while, ( lovely guys, full of fun) it was them that put me on to it. If you like a bit of laning with plenty of seasoning this might be you, good value, good food provided a great day out, We returned on the Monday, check out y/tube and Facebook, “ Hors Macadam”
best regards to all, Bill Westley