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MM and Netbook, still no go


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Mar 1, 2010
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Well as some know i bought a Netbook to run MM on with a USB antenna.
Started working in my lounge but keeps locking up or "not responding" so i installed everything on my Vaio and all is good so i thought it was the antenna, bought a different antenna and still no good but good on the Vaio.
Could it be that the Vaio is running on Vista and the Netbook is on Windows 7?
Have you tried the latest drivers for each version (Vista / W7)? Download them from the manufacturers website.
Yep, the discs didn't want to run properly and turns out both antennas are from prolific so downloaded it directly.
Paul, so whats the netbook?
have you got the maps loaded on the on-board drive or are you running them on a USB drive?
Which version of Win 7 is it running?
Does the netbook run normally when doing other stuff? Internet etc?
Have you got AV software on it?
Running full MM from the hard drive (150gb)
Everything runs fine including internet, music and videos
Its a HP Mini 210-1000 with ATOM N450 @ 1.66GHz, RAM 1.00 GB with Windows 7 starter
System Type 32-bit operating system

Don't know about AV stuff, do you mean anti virus? If so it has norton.......i know i know.......but it came with it.
Paul, first off 1gb is pretty low, but first think to try is to turn off the Anti Virus (AV) software completely and run Memory Map and report how it runs.
I can have it a look at it over the weekend if you want
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What is 'not responding' ? The whole computer, Memory Map or the GPS?
I have just got my GPS (Prolific 2303 based) working on a Win 7 machine (well on two actually) and in the end after a lot of messing about I found that the Vista drivers were the only ones that would work.

The install driver is called "PL-2303 Vista only Driver Installer.exe" and the version I have is file size is 1.96Mb. PM your email addy and I will mail it to you to try.

Also there is a nifty google tracker app that you can use to test is. Direct download is here ... 861e9b11bc

Re: MM and Netbook, now a go

Well i have bitn the bullet ad bought a toughbook, installed MM and now using to even drive to the shops :lol:

So then, who is very familiar with MM? Any chance of someone doing a training session, could be for a group :think:
Re: MM and Netbook, now a go

Paul said:
So then, who is very familiar with MM? Any chance of someone doing a training session, could be for a group :think:
Ooh, yes please :clap: , I've got MM but not too sure about how to use it :oops: .
I've only got MM trial version - but I am looking to buy either MM Europe or OziExplorer. I've scanned in loads of paper maps for west africa. Wouldnt mind having some tutorial on how to use it but suppose I could figure it out myself after a bit
While I'm no master I could show you (at Salisbury Plain?) how to set it up for real-time tracking with your GPS, adding your own routes and way-points and following them. Adding overlays (other people's routes) and following them. I have not yet scanned my own maps and calibrated them. The version I have does not support that :( . I did find a way, or tutorial rather, on how to calibrate satellite imagery and use them.