Morocco November 2010


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Karen and I finally made it into Morocco Monday 8th November, a whole month later than we originally planned. We bought our ferry tickets from Carlos (exit 112, behind Lidl/Carrefour) for 170 euros and headed to Algeciras port for the 6.30pm ferry to Tangiers, which now uses the new TangierMed port.

This is approx 40km from Tangiers but the main route out of the port puts you straight onto a new motorway (A4) which heads down the west coast towards Rabat. This is a big port with very few signposts but there are plenty of people to point you in the right direction. New custom booths look promising but still the usual Moroccan inefficiency at the moment. Took us 30 mins to clear customs, so an improvement on the old port.
At the port there are Bureau de Change and a place to get insurance but we didn't see any ATMs. However if you continue down the A4, about 30km, there is a new service station that accepts cards for fuel payment AND has an ATM to get your cash.

We decided to head for Larache and spent our first night at the Aire de Repos there, popular with French campervans and not bad facilities for 20 dhirams, which you pay to the "gardien".

Currently working our way through the High Atlas to Khenifra. Been raining for 24 hours. Hope to find some sun and drier weather soon. We'll keep you posted.
Tony and Karen

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Have a great time - check out the post re the trouble in Western Sahara .... hopefully it won't impact you, but prepared is better than .... you know :lol:


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As you may have guessed we have been in the deepest south for a few days hence the lack of updates.

Getting to know some locals in the alnif area . We met some nomads there last time and stayed with them on friday...took them a few things down for the family clothes, tea, and a pair of binoculars which I just had to do after looking through theirs last time we were here...morocco on a foggy day is what came to mind..lolbest 5 pound spent on ebay in ages.

There's an islamic festival today (Aeid el kabir) which celebrates the willingness of Abraham to obey god and to sacifice Isaac. It's a time when a sheep is sacrifices resulting in a bit of a meat fest in each family. We are lucky enough to have been invited by the mother of our Nomad family to join in these celebrations with back to the desert this afternoon.

Connection a bit slow for photos will post when I can.


This is why I still keep on going to Libya tonytone - staying with people I know from before, this way oi gets moiself invited to all kinds of things, like festivals, feasts and even coming-of-age celebrations, AND I have a choice of riding (racing) lots of different darn fine racing camels too!
I started going there because of being an archaeologist, now I go to stay with groups I've known for over 10 years, as well as for survey work, makes a trip SO much more worthwhile.
You will find too, that it'll get through the grapevine that you are in the neighbourhood...they always seem to know when you're arriving...