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My 90 Overland build up

Agreed, last minute faffing quadruples your stress levels.

Can't believe it's come round already!
Tommo&Claire said:
Can't believe it's come round already!

Me either, wish I could go now reports of temps of 32c in the evening at Zagora have come from The Hubb, just packing the sun cream :D
I can't wait to get to morocco, it is like THE destination you have to tick off.
Tommo&Claire said:
I can't wait to get to morocco, it is like THE destination you have to tick off.

Maybe next year?

I could go on for hours about how nice it is, the whole atmosphere, the people, the stunning views and fantastic pistes, it really is a different world to anything I have ever experienced.

Once you have been you're hooked forever IMO, although I do fancy going to other African countries further on maybe.

We plan to hook up with tonytone this year around Zagora for extra company on the more remote areas into the Western Sahara.
Hey Matt , looks like you have enough food there for all of us..I'm just planning the menu's based on crispbread , uht milk and baked beans...anyone know any good recipes?

things not to forget...porridge, spam and hotdogs everything else you casn get there and the local bread is superb.

The acclimatisation is going well here in spain 22 deg and building up a nice brown protective layer on my skin.

See you soon matt
I have been preparing my LC for another trip and thought I would document it, for interest and also as an aide memoire for me.

Mileage ~ 118,000

Two OME Nitrocharger Heavy Duty Rear Shock OME part number 60027 fitted with LC 80 front spring on the rear.
Oil and Filter change.

Mileage 119,000 (Oct 2010)

Hand brake serviced for MOT
New EBC Heavy duty green brake pads all round, pins cleaned and greased.
Radiator removed and cleaned.
New Toyota "Red" coolant.
Condenser replaced with new, re-gas.
Cam belt and Cam belt idler replaced.
Air-con and alternator belts replaced.
Front ARB bushes replaced.

Still to do

Replace all U/J's
Inspect Alternator and replace brushes.
Fit two / four new tyres (Swapping over the two brand new spares) BFG 255/80 M/T
Replace the starter battery as it's nearly three years old now (from Toyota)
Replace the leisure battery as it's nearly three years old now (Lucas)
Part change ATF.
Oil and all filters changed just before the off.

and that's all I can think of for now :mrgreen:
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So she says, it will be two LC's next year and five children, seems I need another 95 so still have the money to go anywhere.
Why are pattern parts so shite this day and age :roll:

First the expensive Cam belt idle from Milners was not correct, the hole where the bolt does through is too large a diameter, easy to fix by using the the old assembly and swapping over the bearing, but I paid for the whole thing so it should be right :roll:


Next the new condenser from AUTOKOOL LTD which had the right Landcruiser Model on the box also did not fit without drilling out new holes on a bracket, I'm talking 30mm out of place here :roll:

I had the same thing with a Hi-Lux Rad I fitted last year, pattern parts that really don't fit Grrr :snooty:

Anyway, shinny new Condenser fitted. :mrgreen: