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My bumpers project news --- the end for now!



Don't say things like that, I go all red in the face!
Anyway, tomorrow I *must* do some work (for a change). Today was a bit other-worldly in that I bought a car ...
.=2E. not to replace the TLC, but rather for the 18 & 20 year old daughter brigade.
Vehicle #1 was a 2001 Vauxhall Corsa 1.0, which turned out to have oil leaking from the transmission and a loose gear linkage. So scratch that.
Vehicle #2 was a 2004/5 Fiat Panda 1.1, ex-courtesy car from a main dealer in Exeter. An infinitely nicer vehicle, and having driven it I can see why it gets so much praise: it's really civilised, quiet and comfortable, and you get 2x airbags + ABS, and with all of 57bhp on tap it outdrags the TLC to 30mph! So that's what I bought, and I'm now arranging insurance. It's only group 1, but it still looks being like a tad over =A31200/year for the two girls + me, and they both get hefty excesses too. Ouch! (My TLC renewal this year is =A3360.)
| Hey Christopher
| Or should I be calling you Saint Christopher.
| I own you another pint if we ever meet without the cruisers of course ,
| cant drink and drive, well at least not very well.
| Thanks for your time and patience. as usual I have learnt a lot but some is
| too techy for me so ill have to read it again and again.
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