Namib desert trip video

Gilmour Dickson

Active Member
May 22, 2010
Sorry if you spent time on the "other site" in which case you might have seen this. If however you haven't and are interested it is a (large file size) video of a Namib desert trip (Luderitz to Walvis Bay). I wouldn't try to watch it on a slow connection, but if you have the inclination it is quite nice! I didn't shoot the video, but one of the other trip members did and they did a great job!


Well-Known Member
Mar 1, 2010
wow the satisfaction of using an internet connection where the ISP server(or whatever it is) is housed within the same building :mrgreen: well not exactly as this video seems to be restricted on this ridiculously fast connection, probably the connection to the hosting server is a bit slow

Great video, seen it before, pity i dont speak german (it is german right?)
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