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New Boots


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Mar 19, 2010
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Wasn't sure whether to post this in "Tyres and Wheels" section but since this isn't a review as such, I thought it best here....

Just had the OEM 265/70R16 Dunlop Grandtreks replaced with some Hankook Dynapro RF10 ATs in (LT)265/75R16.
I replaced all 5 as the spare was on it's last legs and of course didn't want an odd sized spare anyway. I really should have had the alloys refurbished beforehand but I wasn't feeling as flush as I'd like to that will have to wait for another time.

Anyway, very pleased with the tyres; I did a lot of research beforehand and had whittled the choice down to BFGs, GG AT2s, Toyo Open Country ATs or these. All the reviews (mainly US) seemed to be good and considering they are almost 1/2 the price of BFGs - it was a no-brainer for me. Got these from Camskills for around £74.00 each - I suppose "you pays your money and makes your choice". Since I'm not considering crossing the Sahara or the Okavango Delta (at least not in the immediate future), I'm sure they will be up to the job..... ;)

The slightly larger size fill the arches much better and give the truck a nice planted stance. They have improved the speedo accuracy, though it still under reads against the GPS. They haven't effected the ride comfort as far as I can tell, though they are a "LT" rated tyre. However, the handling has firmed up considerably and I'm now really looking forward to the Ironman suspension upgrade later in the year. I've only driven about 200 miles so far, so not enough to get an idea on the likely impact on fuel consumption - I'll report back on that one.

Here are a few obligatory pics... ;) :)




P.S I suppose I'll have to change my signature now..... :roll: :)


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And you haven't fitted your new rear whell cover either Chad ;-)

Re my PM, I think I see the threaded bit in the middle from here - you just need the wheel nut to hold the cover on...

The new boots look nice - good choice :)

Thanks Gav :D

The spare wheel cover will have to wait I'm afraid, I was going to try and spray it up beforehand but at the pace I usually do things, it may be some time! :roll: :roll:

Yes, did I say I was pleased with the tyres? :D ;) ;) - they may not suit everyone's needs but considering my requirements and budget, I was happy to take a punt on them over the more "popular" brands. Time will tell.....

Still haven't done a full tank on them yet, so no idea how much of an influence they've had on the fuel consumption. I'm expecting it to be down by around 5-10% but that will hopefully be offset by the few extra miles that the 265/75 will get over the 265/70s (3.5% IIRC). Surprisingly (to me at least) they grip dry tarmac better than the Dunlops, though in fairness the Grandtreks were down to around 3mm.

I'm also surprised at how soft the tread is on these - you can "pinch" the tread blocks with your fingers and they deform quite a bit - I was expecting them to be rock hard. Don't know whether this translates into high wear rate - again time will tell.....

Now...I better go and find that spray can.. ;) :D