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New guy here, North America (Southeast) with a '96 FZJ 80


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Oct 26, 2017
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Hello all!

Your name:
Dustin ('80 has been dubbed 'Hogarth', see Disney's Iron Giant for reference )
Your Cruiser:
1996 Toyota Land Cruiser. Black exterior, grey leather interior (leather hasn't aged too bad, excluding the front seats of course).
This truck is a Southeast truck, and I am the 3rd owner, almost 250k miles put on by the 2nd owner, it does have a decent maintenance history. And rust, forget about it, its as dry as Arizona everywhere on the truck.
Mods on your Cruiser:
More or less stock. General Grabber AT2 tires (265/75/R16). Added a Bosch mechanical Oil pressure gauge to keep an eye on the vitals. Got the Autometer BSPT to NPT adapter as well.
Plans for your Cruiser:
Primary goal that has to be met, it is my daily driver. My fiance and I are expecting our first child in early March, so the clock is tickin'!
I would love to improve/upgrade as I do the maintenance items and things it needs, so long as it is affordable. OEM Toyota parts are important to me. Simple reason? There is a reason these things are holding value at 280k+ mileage, and though I love Rock Auto, their parts didn't get it here ;)
4x4 Experience:
Some 4WD experience, but all stock trucks:
'87 4Runner (I.F.S., SR5, 4x4, 22-re, 5-speed) Its been in the immediate family since 1986 when it was bought at a dealership 'tent sale', remember those?! ha
'99 4Runner (SR5, 4X4, V6, 5-Speed). Had to have been one of the last 'Runner's available with V6 and 5-Speed. White exterior, tan leather, One owner, my beautiful mother :). Truck has 289k, and she will never release her hands from ownership. Original clutch as well.

Current project on my 80, getting it 'road ready':
-Valve cover gasket/plug tube seals
-Distributor O-ring
-New Dist. cap and rotor
-New power steering hoses, reservoir cap (OEM Toyota), and fresh fluid
-New spark plugs
-All fluids flushed/changed (Coolant, engine oil, auto. trans (filters too), differentials, center diff, etc..)
-Replaced coolant reservoir (fabricated an aluminum replacement, that fits in stock location). It was free minus labor and I am a fabrication nut at heart lol, sorry Toyota.
-New Thermostat

Most of that work has been done the last few weeks.
Draining the engine oil was one of the last few things I did, and as I did, I saw 2-3 cups of water come out before the oil turned black.. Wonderful
I had suspected the oil cooler issue with the truck's mileage. So, I ordered all the oil cooler seals and now a bunch of exhaust gaskets as well to ensure it re-installs leak-free. The cooler will come off, be cleaned, rebuilt, and re-installed before my 'first start-up'.

Ben Stratford

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Apr 10, 2016
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A great truck there dustin and to be rust free is a godsend. Best of luck and welcome