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New Irish member - Small project LC so incoming questions!!


New Member
Apr 26, 2023
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Hi all, info about me and my car below...

Your name: Brian, but you probably guessed that from my username! :D

Your Cruiser: Mine is a 3-door commercial 90 series.

Mods on your Cruiser: None, yet.

Plans for your Cruiser: Right now I need to sort some issues to help get it through the Irish commercial vehicle roadworthiness test (CVRT). Then, continuous improvements while it remains useable. My other cars are automatic and my eldest daughter will be starting to drive soon. I want her to learn in a manual transmission and a 'bigger' vehicle, I think that'll give her a good start and she'll be capable/comfortable driving most cars if she starts with a rough'n'ready LC. I'm sure my brothers & brothers-in-law are already making plans to borrow it for themselves too, so it will be used it for light towing, landscaping, DIY & some farming work.

4x4 Experience: V.Limited, dry ploughed fields :/

Anything else you think is interesting or relevant: Nope

I'm looking forward to a steep learning curve!
If it has aircon start by removing the radiator for a proper clean .