New Landcruiser? Not sure I like it.



Landcruiser I dont know.
It seems to have lost its Landcruiser looks.
Seems to be a bit like a pajero come range rover come rav4 come a lot of
other look a like 4x4.
All plastic and shiny and one bump or mishap and you will need to be either
wealthy or be an expert in plastic reconstruction.
I think it is getting harder for an individual 4x4 to stand out from the
Maybe it will grow on me but they seem to be going in the direction of all
major 4x4s and that is to cater for the school run, total luxury and nice
and shiny but at a price its called losing individuality.
I think if you buy a new landcruiser or other make be prepared to polish it
every week and maybe no using off tarmac.
I suppose its the price it has to pay for being too popular.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT


Looks like a cross between a Lincoln Navigator and pumped up RAV to me.
Toyota didn't get to be world No1 by accident, though. I'm sure there will
be a winner.
Doesn't look any less 'plasticky' than a 100 series, I guess.
I still think the 80 is the best one they've ever done.
Neill W
On 14/9/06 10:01 am, "Anjam Sohail" wrote:
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H Pete,
I also like it, can't afford it, and especially like the 1CD-FTE under
the bonnet making 285Hp and 580Nm. it is basically two avensis 4 bangers
turned into a V8 so potentially then 360-400hp and 750-850Nm could be
extracted at a lter date that would be a seriously quick truck with the
six speed auto.
Peter Browning wrote:
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