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New LC 150



Hi all, I have followed with interest the Disco3 debate and the merits of
the car
For good or bad. It seems that a good old Toyota LC with High/Low gears and
locking diff can perform just as well, if fitted with decent tires.
Untill recently I drove a LC120 AWD manual with centre diff lock a cracking
That took me anywhere I wanted to go, unfortunately for economic reasons we
had to part
An all new LC150 is now being released for 2010 in the UK, It will be
similar to the
Out going LC120 with 3ltr diesel engine, slightly improved interior and body
However the trans system is going to be a drive by pictures arrangement that
to be very like the Disco3/4 setup, is this the way forward? Or are the big
4X4 car makers
storing up reliability problems for the future, with the increasing use of
electronic Gizmos.
At between 30 and 45 grand for the new LC it could be expensive to find out.
Your thoughts
Dick Valentine
Currently driving Toyota Avensis
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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Hi Dick
I was in Toyota last week here and the current 200 series 4.2td is now
140,000 euro yes 140,000 euro. With a road tax of 2200 euro per year, so
that is going to really put pressure on the numbers that will be seen here.
I cant see anyone taking that on a grass verge never mind off road.
It does seem like they are all bowing to the general perception of what the
general public think/what or think looks good oh on road that is.
I remember years ago someone, I think Bosnia Jon told me the more
complicated it is the more there is to go wrong with it, so it has begun.
The pressure is there to create a lighter more fuel efficient 4x4 so that
means more plastic and electronics and less of what we all like.
It has been said that some are now completely unserviceable off road, will
this be the faith for the Landcruiser. More money spent more profit for the
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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