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New LC100 Owner- South London


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Jun 5, 2023
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Hi everyone, i just purchased a 2006 LC100 (4.7 litre Petrol) after a long search for a ULEZ compliant LC!

Shes just about broken in with 187,000 miles on her. Everything works on her (apart from parking sensors). Did a service with my mechanic and the frame was under sealed so no rust which is a big win (my heart was racing when he called me with the news!)

Currently getting 11mpg with the AT tyres *cries in V8

Passed an 80 series yesterday in Croydon and got a big wave which was nice :blush:

Just wanted to introduce myself and say the amount of resources here and people seem great!

I will be doing a road trip to Sweden so will do the timing belt and water pump (no invoices came with it, only service book stamps no idea when it was changed). Previous owner under sealed and replaced Aircon compressor with OEM which is good though.

Keen to update the head unit but the factory integrated unit and touch screen issue is a nightmare from what ive read on the "Radio USA versus Europe" thread. May have to stick with the mounted phone for now. Not interested in Chinese Tesla style.

No off road experience but im keen to get out there, seen some trails on Wikiloc app i will have a go at soon.
A great start, well done !
Not wanting to p**s on your cornflakes, but always be wary of underseal, especially if it's newish, it can hide a multitude of problems.