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New member from London UK, BJ40.


New Member
Mar 19, 2023
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Hi all

I have just bought 1978 BJ40, RHD, it lived in Australia until coming to Europe in 2007. I'm looking for a nearaside engine mount (I believe they are the same both sides), an interior light (once I have fished the cable up from inside the door post!) and a few other bits but I am driving it and I love it!
Bit slow to welcome you the club there are a few 40 owners who are very knowledgeable and may be able to help with your search for some spares hello and welcome
Hi Steve

Thank you. I’ve ordered an engine mounting and some shiny bumper bolts, still looking for an interior light and a cigarette lighter! Anyone?!
Hello and welcome....

For the cig lighter and the interior light, have both OEM items in stock. They are in Portugal but speak English and the service that I've had over the years from them has been excellent.


I have just had a set of front wings for a bj40 delivered by 4x4 megastore pt and the service was brilliant.
Saving up for some other parts now.
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