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V8 new to me

Jon Mac

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Oct 29, 2023
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I bought a 2010 V8 earlier this year, a 130k miles one owner with full Toyota history.
It's my second Land Cruiser after a fabulous 105 GX in Kenya.
I live in Snowdonia now and it's used as a family wagon for general duties, holidays, ferrying kids about, carrying bikes, moving this and that, etc etc. Will hopefully take touring in Spain probably next year.
No plans for any radical modifications but I am tempted to remove the third row of seats and install a drawer kit and a load guard.
Since getting it I've been working through repairs that have been coming up including replacing fuel filler neck, discs and pads, and a major service at local Toyota, it's cost more than expected so far.
I've had the underside cleaned up and well protected, and repainted brake calipers at local indy, and brought some bespoke "safari" seat covers from Sandstorm Kenya.
The check AHC light lit up and has been appearing with increased frequency when cornering or braking so it's booked at local indy to check the system and do a fluid flush. I need to get onto replacing an AC pipe before next summer, and when the road tyres fitted need to be replaced I'll upgrade to a trail tyre - the BFG trail terrain I'd like doesn't have correct tyre size for my 20" wheels, so will have to choose a different tyre or find some alternative wheels, tempted by the Braid wheels but unsure about veering from the stock look.
I've had quite a bit of off-road driving experience in both South East Asia and East Africa where I lived for a combined fourteen or so years.


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