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May 20, 2023
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Hi Guys -

Zim here.I have a 1995 KZJ78W Series I got in the states imported from japan.It has 287,000k .
When I got it it was throwing a 14 engine code .I have done the following to it - new waterpump, timing belt ,tensioners,crankshaft position sensor.After trying to get my oem injectors rebuilt they were sent back to me not done because they couldn't source all the parts.On the bench test one was frozen ,and the other 3 were providing an uneven spray.So I ordered brand new oem ones .I removed the turbo intake and the fuel intake and soaked them in diesel over night and cleaned out all the stalagtites and gunk - furnace brush worked great! I removed the egr and installed blanking plates - put a thermo couple on the turbo side and will hook up the egr temp guage and inline water temp guage this weekend.I also changed out the vacuum lines to the 2 vsv's on the back of the intake - I left the butterfly's in the throttle body.So I took her from the country to the city and I am having the same issues as before - its an automatic trans - at the start of an intersection from 750 rpm - no check engine light - full.power and acceleration and I get to 2nd or 3rd on regular acceleration and the check engine light comes back on and I lose power or boost - even if I stomp.on the p3ddle I am getting maybe half of the power - it happens on hills and flats as well.If I hard accelerate from a stop I can hit all 4 gears and get up to highway speed before I coast and then the check engine light comes back on but I am able to maintain my speed until an incline or hill and then I have very little acceleration to get up that hill - almost feels like no boost or drop in fuel supply.I was getting a 14 engine code previous to replacing the injectors and degunking the intakes - is there a way to clear that from the ecu so I can get no engine codes or a new one?I also had my ecu rebuilt which changed nothing.
I have ordered the 2 vsv's from the back of the intake - is there another one that controls the turbo?
What else should I c
heck I am at a loss and keep throwing money into this deep endless money pit........