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Hi John,
Thank you and I am happy to be aboard, I have had the pleasure of talking to
Gareth Jones who has very kindly talked to me about fuel pump modifications
and add-ons. I have only had the 80 since the end of June but have had a
lot of experience with other four wheel drive vehicle including Unimog.
Landover's 101FC, 110, SIII, G wagon ect. I have spent a fair bit of time
on and have only been on the 80scool list a very short time.
Anthony Graham
1994 HDJ80 1HD - T
West Wales
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Hi Anthony
Welcome aboard have seen your posts on the 80s list
John c
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland

Hi Renate
I have looked for the oil stuff that I have and will get it all together soon. Its nice to be able to contribute some thing if at all possible. To start with there is an E book on oil that has a lot of info. You can view some of it free and then you can buy the whole book if you want to. There is about 140 pages so there is a lot in it. The book is called the MOTOR OIL BIBLE by MICHAEL KAUFMAN, its a start.
John c
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland
trouble remembering

Hi Guys
I was looking for an e-mail that I got off some body with referance to a small oil pump that helps to stop the wear at start up by keeping the pressure up and it has oil from the engine in a comtainer. This is fed from the engine and then replenished during driving to do the same thing again at the next start up. It all sounds like a good idea. But I have put the message some where and cant find it. Would any boby know what I am talking about for a change. I cant even remember who sent it (OLD AGE) but I think it was to post because I dont get e-mails on the cruisers otherwise.
Thanks guys for even looking at this
John c
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland
Welcome to the group Jeff. You're not too far away from me, I'm in
Stourbridge, not far from J4 of the M5.
Best Regards,
93 & 94 HDJ80's with some mods.
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Hi everyone
Julian suggested that I say hi through the site. I've owned a
LandCruiser for a couple of years and done one trip through Africa and
another into Morocco. The vehicle is standing outside awaiting the next
trip, which will be undertaken once I've arranged a second mortgage to
enable me to fill the tank.
I'm based in Coventry and am technically incompetent but love travel; if
anyone wants any info on the trips we've done I'll be happy to help and
I look forward to meeting up sometime and picking your brains
Once again hi to all
Jeff watts
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MessageHi Jeff
Welcome to the list, some really good guys on here, there would have to be to put up with the like of me. Had a look at your web site really interesting and love the photos. You have done what some of us want to do but still cant get past the local shops most days.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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brake discs

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Hi All,=0D
I keep on having problems with my brake discs on my Landcruiser 100.=0D
Toyota says the car is too heavy for the system ! in other words, the brake
discs and the pads=0D
are to leight for this car.=0D
I am sure there is a solution, upgrade kit or so...=0D
Now I change the discs every 20,000 Kms.=0D
Do you know about it ?=0D
Michel de Ravel
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<DIV>Hi All,</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>I keep on having problems with my brake discs on my Landcruiser 100.</DIV>
<DIV>Toyota says the car is too heavy for the system ! in other words, the brake discs and the pads</DIV>
<DIV>are to leight for this car.</DIV>
<DIV>I am sure there is a solution, upgrade kit or so...</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Now I change the discs every 20,000 Kms.</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Do you know about it ?</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Michel de Ravel</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV></TD></TR>
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Paul wrote...
I have also stumbled across Grosvenor Garages web site but all of
their vehicles are out of my price range.
Yes Paul I know, but read my reply again carefully !!
As for the bells and whistles I speak with the full authority of
someone who owns a stripped out 80 military version ;o) When I feel
like using an electric window or radio I go for a trip in my gismo
laden Pajero ! But its the Jap imports that have all the gismos.
I think this will lead others to tell you that the Jap market models
don't have axle lockers whereas the UK market do.
But my extensive travels in very varied terrain in the Balkans have
never called for lockers, even in peat bogs. But if you want to go
full-time bog hopping or desert sand dune trekking then they are
useful, but can always be fitted at a later date. (Snow chains are a
good alternative to get grip in mud if funds for lockers are short
for a few months). I am out of my depth now and others will give you
a better idea of which sources/models have all the gismos.
We always appreciate someone who replies promptly so hope you keep it up.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus