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May 5, 2021
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Hi to everyone, first time joining a forum. I do have a Landcruiser issue which I will ask if anyone has a idea about the problem, but some info about me first. I purchased a 105 series Landcruiser back about 14 years ago with 90k on the clock (which is now 259k) and a std version. No turbo, manual gbox and very limited electronics. I live in Albany Western Australia and love the place.
So now the problem with my Cruiser. It has an aftermarket turbo, fitted a couple of years after I bought it. Dual batteries, 1 year old and crank it over beautifully.
About 4 weeks ago I drove into town and the motor was up to temperature and parked up. I returned about 20 minutes later and when I cranked it over it would not fire or attempt to start.
I popped the bonnet and everything looked ok visually. I went to operate the hand prime pump and there was no resistance while I was pumping the plunger, I tried to start the engine at least a dozen times but no luck even though it was cranking over fast as normal. I tried pumping the primer pump quite a few times but it would only feel up to about half resistance of normal pressure.
I sat in the cab for a while trying to have some thoughts about the problem but no new ideas came. I thought well might sit for half an hour and let the engine cool down.
So then when I tried the hand primer pump I felt the fuel pressure pump up in about 5 seconds, tried to start and then it did. The same problem happened about a week later so I purchased a new primer pump and fitted it. So yesterday the same issue happened but it wouldn't start after half an hour so I got a lift home and went back 2 hours later.
Straight away the primer pump pumped up to full resistance and the engine started fine.
So here I am today scratching my head again and hoping a member has a answer for me.


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Feb 12, 2021
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I'm no expert but sounds like you're losing fuel pressure or the fuel pump is faulty, or both. I've have to get it checked out before I spent too much money on it :)