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Oct 10, 2023
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Hello. I am new to the forum but I have owned my 2000 Colorado 3.0TD GX for 7 trouble free years. Just wondering what you recommend for underbody protection?
I have recently sprayed mine with Lanoguard as there was only surface rust and it was easy to apply!
Welcome to the forum oakdent.

There are absolutely loads of threads on here about rust and underbody protection, I expect if you asked 10 (or more) members you would get 10 (or more) different answers, Lanoguard being one that often crops up, as being used.
Good prep is everything, and as long as this was done and you are happy with your choice great !
Welcome Oakdent.
I am using Krown mainly coz I can’t go under the car and work with brush to achieve perfect rust free surface. Krown will take care of all small hidden parts.