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New Members Ernst & Jiew

Ernst & Jiew

New Member
Mar 23, 2023
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Dear Forum Members
We - Ernst & Jiew - just registered here in this obviously nice Forum.

We are a Swiss-Thai Couple and are overloading full time with a HZJ78. At the moment we travel trough Spain and Portugal. The last winter we have spent in beautiful Morocco. Wow, what a country! It ids so beautiful to travel around there. Soon we are shipping the Cruiser to Halifax, Canada and travel then couple years around in Northern America. Where exactly? We don't know yet. But sure we are going to visit the high north and the Wild West :cool:

Our HZJ78 is not really modified - just prepared for overloading. The car itself is mostly original, what is good enough I guess.

Our 4x4 experiences are mostly in the Sahara of Morocco and some part also in the Sierras of Spain. We don't do heavy off-roading as the Cruiser is our home. But of course we drive a lot of gravel and earth roads.

I'd love to present here also our YouTube chanel:
All about our Cruiser and Equipment can be found in there.

That's it for the Moment
Greets, Ernst & Jiew
Hello and welcome...

I see from one of your other posts that you are in southern Portugal at the moment. However if you are venturing to the east side of Spain, we live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, between Granada and Almeria, in a small town called Ugijar. If you are coming this way let us know.

The National parks in Spain no longer allow and motorised vehicles and even the rangers are on mountain bikes but we do know a few off-road trails which we'd gladly show you... no rush though as we currently have the truck off the road for some much needed maintenance for a couple more weeks.

If you are interested, let us know and I'll pm our phone number.


Rodger & Corinne
Thanks a lot Rodger. Unfortunately we visited the region around the Sierra Nevada last autumn and concentrate now on the Estremadura and Galicia - before we travel further north ...
But thanks anyway, very friendly!
Regards, Ernst
Hi Ernst,

No worries. Shame we didn't get to show you some of the areas around here that are only accessible by 4x4s.

If you are going through Asturias, it may be worth checking out Wikilocs as there is (or used to be) an exception to the ban on motorised vehicles in the National Parks in the Picos de Europa. I haven't checked on it for years but it takes a route over the Picos south to north or vis-versa and, from memory, it starts off the Potes-Fuente De road. We were up there around thirty years ago and it is beautiful.

Please keep us informed as to your adventures.