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New owner 100 series

Bob G

New Member
Oct 16, 2021
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I purchased a 2004 100 series 4.2 td with 104k about a month ago .
I was pretty lucky and just stumbled into it on eBay just as it came on . It’s a one owner car that has been looked after by Toyota . Underneath is very good and mechanically appears same . After much floundering and help from reviewing posts opted for wire brush on surface rust ( which was minimal apart from tray under rear bumper ) followed by vactan , red oxide primer then hammerite over areas that might benefit . I have used lanoguard as well .
the bodywork is pretty well mint , I will treat as precautionary under wheel arches .
Have few jobs to sort . Air con has stopped working , rear parking sensors and rear differential won’t lock at the moment .
I’ve done 1500 miles without any issues so far .
I need a four wheel drive for biannual trips to Scotland when sometimes a real 4x4 is needed where I visit .
I’ve had a few Cherokees in the past . I was originally looking for a Discovery but everyone I test drove flagged up warning lights !!

I’m not much of a mechanic but fortunately my neighbour and friend is a bit of an engineering genius .
Currently trying to link up Techstream which is proving difficult.
I’ve found the information here invaluable and very grateful to folk who have made effort to post .