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New Owner



Alan wrote...
How good is fuel consumption? I am maybe torn between the 2.4 and 3ltr
versions. which one is bestest?
Alan, as Julian wrote, you will have to tell us more. But if you are
looking at SWB TLC's - rare in UK - then you are either looking at a
70 series (squarish body with separate front wings). Or a SWB Colorado/Prado.
The 3l turbo is fitted to the Colorado/Prado and it is the engine to
go for if you are not looking at the 6 cylinder engines in 80/100
series or the LWB 70 series. Very definitely don't look at the 2.8
non turbo, and the 2.4 turbo is lively'ish but not easy to work on if
you are a DIY man - as most of us impoverished 2nd hand Toy owners are.
Depending on your budget try and get a LWB and a later model
Surf/4Runner with a 3l turbo would be a good bet, they are now mostly
grey imports from Japan and can be found at a good price. But if you
can afford it at all, go for a 6 cylinder model.
More info will come from the gang when we get a little more
specification detail from you.
And welcome by the way.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia


I have a '97 24 valve 6 cyl diesel, series 80 Landcruiser, a 1993 4Runner - 3 -litre turbo intercooled diesel and my girlfriend has a 1997 - SWB - Colarado 3 litre turbo diesel. All have manual transmissions.
Fuel consumption - a lot depends on driving style. All things being equal, the 80 uses a fair bit more fuel than the other two vehicles. Reasons being :-
It is - heavier, less aerodynamic, has bigger tyres, is in permanent 4wd and takes longer to warm up - even with the radiator blind down !
If you have any specific questions let me know.
Regards Gareth Jones Newport S.Wales.